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Spring Test Flight

2021 Mentorship Initiative

Presented By

FPC & ScreenSkills Present Writers Mentorship Initiative

In partnership with ScreenSkills, five talented writers were mentored by experienced industry figures with a track record in making TV. The mentoring programme was aimed at female writers from diverse ethnic backgrounds, with a disability, who are neuro-diverse, LGBTQ+, late starters, from a non-privileged socio-economic or geographic background. Two scripts were chosen for live readings: FINAL RITES by Sylvia Okyere and BAD THINGS by Rachel Clark. 


Our mentors were Annie Griffin (The Festival), Frog Stone (Bucket), Amy Schindler (Mystic) Julia Kent, (Class Dismissed) and Roz Kidd. Our mentees were Sylvia Okyere, Rachel Clark, Laura Evelyn, Athena Kugblenu and Zara Janjua. Thank you all!


Thank you as well to Emma Barnard and Saskia Shuster at Comedy 50:50 and The ScreenSkills Mentoring Network, which is supported by the BFI, awarding National Lottery Funds as part of its Future Film Skills strategy. ​

We also want to thank our amazing actors: Benjamin Sarpong-Broni, Tom Bell, Jolade Obasola, Dona Croll, Lauren Douglin, Lauren Socha, Matilda Thorpe, Lola Jagun, Naana Agyei-Ampadu, Laura Evelyn, Philip Labey, Katharine Bennett Fox, Onosky Ujorha and Ellen Thomas. Special thanks to Amanda Wilkin and Jayne Aguire for joining the FPC team as script readers .

Thanks to all who participated!

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Sylvia Okyere

Sylvia Okyere is the writer of selected script FINAL RITES. She is a screenwriter and the creator of the 2017 webseries PILLOW TALKS.

Rachel Clark_edited.jpg

Rachel Clark

Rachel is the writer of selected script BAD THINGS. She is a drama and comedy writer for television. Her pilot THE GODSTONE GIRLS won Best New Drama Script in the 2021 All3Media New Voice Awards. Her dark comedy DEAR KATE won the Screenwriter’s Network TV Pilot Award.

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