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Female Pilot Club has staged sold-out events since 2019, featuring incredible female comedy writers as well as talented actors. Welcome to the club!

Join The Club

Writers will receive information about upcoming writing initiatives and script calls, hear about our shows and get first dibs on tickets.


We also welcome actors and industry members. If you are interested in being a writing mentor, acting in one of our shows, or connecting about press or partnerships, please note that in the form.


Pip Swallow

Thank you for everything last year, I can't tell you enough what it meant to me to be selected. And the experience itself! And the event in general- its just great. Thank you.

Lorna Woolfson

I’m still coming down from the high of Wednesday night! I seriously cannot thank you enough. As a direct result of the show, I have had two requests for meetings and one request for more material on Tudor Roses

As a non-performing new writer it’s almost impossible to prove to producers and commissioners that my scripts can make people laugh and that’s what’s so wonderful about what you’ve created here.

Janice Hallett

My sitcom pilot Two Ladies was performed at the inaugural Female Pilot Club in June 2019. It was an extraordinary experience to see the script brought to life by professional actors for the very first time, and in front of an audience as well.

Before Comedy 50:50, we had no platform from which to assert

ourselves in the industry. The event was sold out so being featured most certainly increased my visibility - since then my agent and I have received several requests from producers to read the script.

Carol Walsh

Through the Female Pilot Club I saw my work come alive in the hands of some incredible talent. I'd worked in drama previously but, taste-wise, always veered towards comedy.

Having a script selected was a real boost. The cast made the material sing and hearing the audience laugh was incredible. I gained confidence and felt a fresh rush of enthusiasm for writing the next script.

Georgia Pritchett

I went to the very first Female Pilot Club and thought it was amazing. The scripts I heard were brill. I don't feel the sexism in TV comedy has improved in this country in the almost three decades I've been writing. Every single channel in the UK has told me "we already have something with women in it. The fact that the most popular sitcom in recent years stars a man dressed as a woman is thoroughly depressing.


Sorry if that sounds negative - but things REALLY have to change and that's why the Female Pilot Club is such a great idea.

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