Have you got a comedy script that deserves an airing?


We are re-launching our read-throughs of great comedy pilots. The first show back will be a special one-off as part of the Jewish Comedy Festival at JW3 on March 14th 2022.


Submissions for this show closed in January. But watch this space for news of new Pilot Club meetings.


If we think your script will work at the club, you could see it read by great actors. If we don’t think your script will work at the club, please don’t imagine we don’t think it’s good. The club lends itself to some scripts more than others, and we programme not just by shows we think will work in our unique productions but also by scripts which will partner well together.



Interested in performing?

If you’re an actor who would like to come and JOIN THE CREW we’d love to hear from you. The commitment is usually three to four hours on the day of the read-through, plus the script reading time. The work suits those who like the challenge of being flexible and changing things on the hoof and, of course, who love comedy.


Actors please volunteer - you could find yourself in wonderful company.


Actors who’ve worked with us include Arabella Weir, Robert Webb, Kerry Howard, Jordan Stephens, Greg McHugh, Amelia Bullmore, Lou Brealey, Tracy Ann Oberman, Amer Chadha-Patel, Joe Johnsey, Vivienne Acheampong, Steve Oram, Sindhu Vee, and many many more.



Are you a comedy lover keen to see brand-new comedy scripts before they've made it to the telly?


The Female Pilot Club is re-launching. 


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So far every Female Pilot Club show has been a total sell-out, (in the good way) and most have a 50-strong waiting list, so getting to hear about them ahead of everyone else is a plus!

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