The Female Pilot Club at JW3



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Thank you all so much for submitting your scripts to the Female Pilot Club for the next meeting on March 14th at JW3. You can buy tickets for the event here.

Thank you also to our amazing team of readers: Frog Stone, Julia Kent, Roz Kidd, Phoebe Wilkinson, Alice Uzzan, Suki Bergg, Stacha Hicks, Lorna Woolfson, Pip Swallow, Sylvia Okyere, Jayne Aguire, Janice Hallett, Carol Walsh, Mamito Kukwikila, Emily Chase, Ollie Powell, Liv Pesticcio, Abbie Murphy and Alexandra Kalisperas.

The following scripts have been chosen....

Damsels by Amy Xander

Prunella by Samantha Lyden and Teresa Burns

Congratulations to the writers!

The scripts below got third reads. (Please note there are a couple of corrections)

365 - Rebecca Heitlinger

Composed - Louisa Tee & Ashley Pearson

Damsels - Amy Xander

Exhibit Z - Megan Shandley

Ham Central - Sarah Gibbs & Simon Alcock

Hangers On - Sylvia Park

Hetty Babcock’s Big Gamble - Jane Lambert

Liz and Cath - Stevie Cooke - 

Prunella - Samantha Lyden and Teresa Burns

Scribblers – Sian Rowland

Searching for Sam - Joanna Tilley & Krysia Pepper

Shag Marry Avoid - Stella Ajaya

The God Life - Charlotte Sones

The Hearse Driver - Lucy McNally

Virgins - Katherine Armitage

White Space – Imeldha Haute Honnah

If your script isn't on the list it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, well written or that you are not a good writer.  It means that one reader decided it didn’t fit the criteria for this particular FPC showcase.  If it is on the list and you didn't submit for this showcase it means we re-considered it.


Please, please keep sending your script out, comedy is deeply subjective and everyone is looking for something different.


You can even re-send to us if we put out another call. Another reader on another day might have a different opinion. Thanks so much for sending your work, we really enjoyed reading all your scripts. Keep writing!

The third reads were selected from the following, who got second reads.

365, 747 to Waterloo, Age Appropriate,, All Made Up, Bapz, Beans, Blood, Broken, Change of Life, Choking, Composed, Curly Kale, Damsels, Delayed Adolescence, Didn’t I Die, Everybody Does It, Exhibit Z, Fridge Space, From Wales With Love, Get Well, Get Happy, Girl Crush, Graveyard Shift, Ham Central, Hannah and Lucy Have a New Man, How to be Evil, Jump In, Just My Type, I’m an Actor, Ingrown, Is This It, Hangers On, Hetty Babcock's Big Gamble, Live with Us, Living the Dream, Liz and Cath, Maude, Mimi’s House, Mosquitos, Number Forty, On the Line, Pamplemouse, Ponies, Prunella, Rock Bottom, Rita and Seeta, Scribblers, Searching for Sam, Selfish Jean, Selfies, Serve it and Smile, Sex Play, Sex Dolled Up, Shag Marry Avoid, Slacks, Start me Up, Swimmers, The Change of Life, The God Life, The Hearse Driver, The Murphys, The Warrior, Tubes, Under Cross, Wherever I Lay my Hat, Vets, Virgins, White Spaces, Working in Retail, Yob Town, Yoga Girl





On Tuesday 25th May we read two scripts at our first online event  - the Spring Test Flight Scheme!

The scripts were Final Rites by Sylvia Okyere and Bad Things by Rachel Clark. The other scripts developed with mentors were by Athena Kugblenu, Laura Evelyn & Zara Janjua.

We want to thank our amazing actors; Benjamin Sarpong-Broni, Tom Bell, Jolade Obasola, Dona Croll, Lauren Douglin, Lauren Socha, Matilda Thorpe, Lola Jagun, Naana Agyei-Ampadu, Laura Evelyn, Philip Labey, Katharine Bennett Fox, Onosky Ujorha and Ellen Thomas.

The scheme was set up to help brilliant newer writers with barriers to inclusion to connect with their more experienced peers, to work on their winning script. 

The five talented writers were mentored by experienced industry figures with a track record in making TV. Our amazing mentors were: Annie Griffin (The Festival), Frog Stone (Bucket), Amy Schindler (Mystic) Julia Kent, (Class Dismissed) and Roz Kidd. Thank you all! As well as, as always, Emma Barnard and Saskia Shuster at Comedy 50:50 and the ScreenSkills Mentoring Network, which is supported by the BFI, awarding National Lottery Funds as part of its Future Film Skills strategy. 

The mentoring programme was aimed at female writers from diverse ethnic backgrounds, with a disability, who are neuro-diverse, LGBTQ+, late starters, from a non-privileged socio-economic or geographic background. 

Our thanks go to Amanda Wilkin and Jayne Aguire who have volunteered their time and talents not only as actors but also as script readers.

Emily Chase, our associate producer and casting director, has been in the club for some time and on the 20th June gave birth to baby Jago! Many many congratulations to her!

and a Female Pilot Club baby!